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Crab Shell Powder

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Crab shell powder natural food ingredients for animal
Crab meal is a good source of protein and calcium for poultry. Containing about 42% protein, we can use crab meal as a part of a poultry or swine ration. Crab meal is high in sodium and should be fed only under the direction of a qualified nutritionist.

Crab shell is used as a mineral supplement in livestock, as a raw meterial for the production of aqua feed to supplement chitin, calcium and phosphorus for livestock. 

Some notes on using crab shell powder as effective animal feed
When using crabmeal as pet food, special attention should be paid to the dosage as well as the needs of each stage of each type of animal.
During use, it should be well preserved, avoiding mold and mildew, creating conditions for microorganisms to develop and attack the digestive system of livestock.

Other functions of crab shell powder
When you are looking for a fertilizer you may not be think about carb meal for the first. However, the advantage of crab shell powder is very huge for soil. Crab shell meal is used as fertilizer material for farms. After the cultivation process, the soil has gravel and the nutrients are reduced. And crab powder is used to spread on the soil to restore soil nutrition. Besides the fact that carb meal is eco friendly, it’s organic and loaded with nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and mangnesium. It is slow release which is healthier for plants and it also helps with nematode and fungus problem in the soil. 
Crab shells are also used to extract chitin, chitosan . Therefore, chitin and some of their derivatives are widely applied in many fields: In the field of wastewater treatment and environmental protection, pharmacy and medicine, agriculture, industry, biotechnology...
- Moisture content: 6.45%
- Protein content: 13.6%
- P2O5 content: 4.26%
- Nitrogen content: 2.18%
Packing: 50kg/PP bag, 28 tons ( ±10%)/conts 40 feet (Or packing according to customer requirements)

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