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Shrimp Shell Powder

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Shrimp Shell Powder plays an important rule role in the growth of factory farms.

The shrimp shell powder is made from the capture of shrimp waste generated by cooking and peeling of the whole shrimp (shells, antennae, legs, body and other parts of the shrimp) and then dried and finely ground. Shrimp shell powder is manufactured under the strict supervision of quality control department.

Shrimp shell powder has many benefits. First of all, Shrimp meal shell provide protein and nutrients suitable for livestock. It improves the taste of food, stimulate growth and development. It contains calcium and pigment which are essential elements in eggshell formation and quality of yolk. Moreover, Shrimp shell containing chitin is important of the shell of shrimp, poultry eggs. The last reason why shrimp shell powder is suitable for feeding for livestock, poultry and fishery is it is stable, natural and cheap. In conclusion, Shrimp shell powder is a product worth investing in for animal feed.

Notes on using shrimp shell powder as effective animal feed
When using shrimp shell powder as pet food, special attention should be paid to the dosage as well as the needs of each stage of each type of animal.
During use, it should be well preserved, avoiding mold and mildew, creating conditions for microorganisms to develop and attack the digestive system of livestock.

Specifications of shrimp shell powder
- Moisture content: 9.19%
- Protein content: 33.1%
- Ash content: 36.7%
Packing: 50kg/PP bag, 28 tons ( ±10%)/conts 40 feet (Or packing according to customer requirements)

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