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Status: Available
I. Advantages: Nutritional supplement Feed for Aquatic, Poultry, and Cattle
Squid liver powder is rich in fat and protein produced by the processes of dissolving, heating, separation, concentration, and absorption from fresh by-products of squid. A highly efficient feed with abundant nutritional components, this feed additive has been designed to replace fish meal.

II. Features and Functions
1. Enticing and Delicious
This product attracts fish and cattle making feed efficiency high. It increases food consumption for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic feed
2. Easy to digest and absorb. 
This product is very easy to digest and absorbed with plenty of DHA, EPA, amino acids, Cholesterol, and Taurine. These ingredients greatly promote fast growth and the strong immune system of young animals and fish. Squid liver powder has well configured fatty acid and it can maintain the freshness of the product for the long term. 
3. Improving productivity
Squid liver powder help animals grow faster and higher survival rate. This product can supply a source of protein to be used as an adđitive to both fish and livestock feed. One more benefit is it is cheaper than other products such as fishmeal, and shrimp shell powder, ... so it is better economic benefits. 

III. Specifications: 
Crude Protein: 45 – 50 %
Ash: 8 – 9 %
Moisture: 10 – 12 %
Fat: 1 – 3 %
Size:  2 3mm
Packing: 50kg/PP bag, 28 tons (+- 10%)/conts 20 feets (or packing according to customer requirements)

IV. Some notes on using squid liver powder as effective animal feed
When using squid live powder to feed animals special attention should be paid to the dosage as well as the needs of each type of animal.
During use, it should be well preserved, avoiding mold and mildew, creating conditions for microorganisms to develop and attack the digestive system of livestock