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Fish meal

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Fishmeal are very popular because they have rare nutritional value. At a price close to that of high-fat soybeans; fishmeal provides (almost) twice as much protein; have a better source of amino acids to increase intake; and it is very difficult to find a feed ingredient that guarantees all of these things like fishmeal. When having problems with poultry intake for any reason, nutritionists always consider increasing the fishmeal content.

I. Feature:

1. Using Fish Meal as Aquatic Food
Using Fish Meal as Fish Food.As an essential amino acid supplement, ideal protein for fish or shrimp, a major source of protein in aquaculture. Digestibility coefficient Good quality protein is very high in amino acids. Fish meal is also a source of essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements.
Available data show that of the 6 million tonnes available globally, more than 65% are used in fish and crustacean feed. The levels of incorporation can range from 40-60% in marine fish feed to less than 5% in carp, catfish, tilapia feed.
Most cyprinids raised in semi-intensive ponds are fed with a feed of practically no fishmeal. In recent years, much progress has been made in the direction of replacing fishmeal with a mixture of different vegetable protein sources even in salmon or marine fish farming, thus leading to an important settlement economy. sustainable development issues

2.Using Fish Meal as Pig Feed
Using Fish Meal as feed for pigs. High biological value for pigs. Protein of good quality: it has a methionine content and easily digestible protein. Its composition includes vitamins, n-3 fatty acids and minerals that are very valuable for pigs. The degree of variation is 5-10% in the feed for adult pigs or sows (about 3% in piglets).
Various studies have demonstrated that fishmeal is beneficial for beginning weaning and weaning pigs at levels below 10% (a higher ratio results in loss of economic efficiency).
Fish meal was also reported to be hypoallergenic for piglets and was found to reduce diarrhea in the post-weaning period. It can be helpful in improving low health condition in daily piglets.

Fishmeal has great function in making animal feed, poultry and Aquatic Food

II. Specifications:
- Moisture content: 4.72%
- Protein content: 62%
- Ash content: 13.4%
- NaCl content: 3.04%

Packing: 50kg/PP bag, 28 tons ( ±10%)/conts 40 feet (Or packing according to customer requirements)

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