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White Dolomite

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White dolomite is made up of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide with the chemical formula CaMg(CO3)2. White dolomite is exploited from our mine then selected to remove impurities, after that grinding into sizes that the consumer requested.
1/ Parameter of the product:
Name: White Dolomite 
Packing: 50kg/bag, 1.25MT/ Jumbo Bag depending on size of the product. The package also could be done accordingly to customer's request, safe and good look.
Size: 2-6cm, Granular size (2-3mm, 3-4mm…), powder size as customer request
CaO Content : 33.63%
MgO Content :19.19%
Color: Milky, White 
2/ In order to keep the product quality in the best state, you need to store it in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight and close the bag carefully after use.

3/ Application:

- White dolomite is widely used in the production of cement tiles and artificial stone due to its ease of color matching, high hardness, and prevents the bricks from chipping.
- Aquaculture: White Dolomite Powder is also used as a substrate in marine aquariums to adjust the pH of the water.
Meanwhile, white dolomite is mainly used in the fertilizer industry and shrimp pond treatment, with the composition of MgCO3 and CaCO3 providing calcium and magnesium to help plants grow roots hardly. Also, dolomite helps to increase alkalinity, increase magnesium and calcium minerals to help shrimp shell harder and be healthy.
- Fertilizer: White Dolomite Powder is a pH buffer and as a source of magnesium
- White Dolomite from our company is recognized by many international glass-manufacturing companies since the high content of MgCO3 and CaCO3 is not mixed with many impurities and the content of Fe2O3 meet customers’s requirement.
- Furthermore, with high quality, white dolomite from Son Phuoc Dinh Jsc is used in ceramic, white cement, and steel industries.

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